Security Evaluation

Inverse Labs provides high assurance security evaluation services required to make informed risk management decisions in todays complex threat environment. Security evaluation services include high assurance network and application penetration testing, binary analysis and reverse engineering, security assurance source code reviews, custom exploit development, proof of concept security demonstrations, product evaluation, protocol torture testing (fuzzing) and custom security testing for a wide range of targets including mobile devices.


Incident Response

Inverse Labs can provide assistance to Incident Response teams in multiple facets of a response to an intrusion. Assistance can be provided in the areas of assessing initial infection vectors, post intrusion attribution and damage assessment, remediation and identification of recommendations for limiting the scope of future intrusions. Specific services include forensic review of workstations and servers, analysis of network artifacts, binary analysis and reverse engineering of malicious code. Inverse Labs is capable of providing specialized assistance as per individual client requirements and can perform activities beyond the use of automated tools and techniques used by other firms.


Security Engineering

Leveraging its expertise in current attack trends and tactical exploitation techniques, Inverse Labs is uniquely positioned to deliver high assurance security engineering services. Engineering services include network and application security architectures, custom security hardening guides, secure software development mentoring and advice, custom application development services and delivery of a departmental secure systems development program.


Security Briefings

Inverse Labs offers an executive briefing service aimed at providing senior management and executives with concise, timely and relevant threat and mitigation information required to make informed business decisions. Inverse Labs staff can provide security briefings on subjects such as Bluetooth, mobile security, current attack trends, state of the art in malware and exploitation techniques.



Inverse Labs provides training in unique and specialized areas such as secure software development, malware analysis, penetration testing and reverse engineering. Training curriculum can be developed and customized to address specific client requirements. Training includes both a theory component as well as comprehensive lab exercises used to prepare the students to apply the theory in real world scenarios. Training can be provided on client premises or at Inverse Labs locations.