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Inverse Labs was founded in 2008 and is based in Ottawa, Canada. Our staff is cleared to the Top Secret level and is qualified under various procurement vehicles such as the Cyber Protection Supply Arrangement.

Inverse Security Labs Inc. (Inverse Labs) retains talented professionals with in-depth knowledge. This knowledge has been gained though the provision of security services for global clients such as Apple, Microsoft, France Telecom, Cloakware Corporation, Creative Labs, Motorola, Verizon, Nokia, Philips Semiconductor, SONY BMG, SUN Microsystems, QNX Software Systems and numerous Canadian and US Government agencies.

Inverse Labs can not only conduct highly-specialized security services to support tactical objectives, but translates technical security findings into business risk. This boardroom briefing capability provides a strategic-level aspect to the services that is unique in the industry. Our key industry verticals are within Government (especially defence and security), Healthcare, and Finance & Insurance. We partner with development and product companies to support R&D initiatives.

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